Italiana Motori

Italiana Motori

Italian Motors LTD is world famous for the repair and maintenance of diesel engines.

Thanks to twenty years of experience, we offer efficient and flexible solutions for all types of sea going vessels, as well as marine and offshore installations. We also run scheduled maintenance of power plants.

We rely on the competence of expert engineers and skilled technicians to ensure immediate and satisfying problem-solving.

We always guarantee maximum availability: our customer service is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Italiana Motori Italiana Motori


Italiana Motori is a company that specializes in scheduled and extraordinary maintenance of motor, mechanical and electrical installations.

Thanks to cutting-edge technology and highly qualified technicians, the company has acquired over twenty years of experience developing emergency response strategies for major shipping companies, national and international, thus achieving a leading position in this sector.

Over time our proven professionalism has allowed us to forge partnerships with important shipping companies all over the world. Besides, Italian Motors has diesel engine repair and general mechanical maintenance contractswith the most important Italian companies in this field.

ItalianaMotori is working towardsa stable and rational expansion, as evidenced by the recent formation of two new work divisions within its team of experts: The Yacht Service Division, which operates in the market of luxury yachts, and The Energy Division, for the planned maintenance of power plants.

The strong entrepreneurial spirit taken by the company over the years has not altered the meticulous attention given to every customer in any way.In order to ensure this, the company has developed an innovative method of managing the supplier / customer relationship, based on Long Term Service Agreementand focused on concrete partnerships.These solutions enable a more effective and immediate identification of the best options for intervention to ensure perfect functionality of the systems.

It is on this principle of cooperation that the agreement with powerhouse FRI-EL Acerra for service activities and scheduled and extraordinary maintenance of the biofuel (palm oil)equipment engines (WARTSILA 46) was obtained, for example.

But the key element to supporting and promoting the image of a strong and viable company is its workforce.The pride of ItalianaMotori due to its competence and reliability are:it’s skilled workers (with previous experience in GMT - FINCANTIERI - WARTSILA, the reference group in the automotive sector), turbine and alternator operators, motorists, automation operators, electrical supervisor, control panel operators.

They all work together and without interruption (H24) to achieve, again and again, the maximum customer satisfaction possible.

Italiana Motori Italiana Motori


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Italiana Motori Italiana Motori Italiana Motori Italiana Motori Italiana Motori Italiana Motori












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